“Negative” Emotions are Healthy to Experience

The energy becomes negative once we begin to dwell or block these emotions – this is called stagnation. It is human to experience every emotion and feeling that flows through us.

I work with you to release this energy and stress by way of massage, craniosacral, and herbal medicine. I’m so happy to be with Meridian Integrative Wellness because they also offer coaching for life transitions and therapy to help you along your path.

We learn to navigate in the shadows so we can help guide you through yours.

Let’s Heal Together

Erica Ware Owner of Holistic Bodywork

Giving Matters – Healing the Community

Extending Energy to Heal Our Community – Opportunites for a Free Session

I am a person rooted in empowerment, healing, and change. My goal is to share my energy and encourage healing within others through my offered services. I have pondered how I can help others and my community for so long. I provide healing sessions and products, but I realize many of those are not accessible for everyone. With “Giving Matters,” I plan to extend my energy to help heal the community.

I believe understanding the importance of caring for each other is one of the critical missions in life. We can only help others if we have first helped ourselves. I plan to help others help themselves and hope they will help the next person.

It is beautiful to take care of each other just “because” and with no ulterior motives.

Giving matters is a program that presents more opportunities for people who do not have access to healing support. Every new season (equinox or solstice), one person from the Louisville community will enjoy a free session, and two other people will be chosen to enjoy an herbal product.

People who nominate someone will create an entry of one or two paragraphs about the nominee and why they should have the service or products.

The person chosen for the service, and the other two persons selected for the products, will be announced the day of the coming solstice or equinox. To begin your entry and to read more about the program, please visit the Giving Matters page.

This is only the beginning, and I hope you all join me on this path.

Let’s heal together,

Erica Ware – Owner of Holistic Bodywork

A New Home for Holistic Bodywork

With great excitement, I write to inform you that on May 1, 2021, Holistic Bodywork will reside in a more desirable location with comfortable surroundings. I will also be in partnership with Meridian Integrative Wellness in this new location! As mentioned when I reopened in May 2020, I am still taking precautions to keep the risk for COVID-19 exposure minimal. Social distancing and mask-wearing are still maintained along with the cleanliness of surfaces and increase ventilation via open windows when appropriate.

Our new address is 6006 Brownsboro Park, Suite B, and the phone number remains unchanged: (502) 294-6108. My email is still ericaware.lmt@gmail.com.

Our new location is in Brownsboro Office Park. It’s in the heart of Indian Hills, situated behind Fresh Market and Panera Bread at Brownsboro Road and Rudy Lane, convenient to l-264, l64, and l-71. You will find me inside of Meridian Integrative Wellness. It includes space more suited to our needs, including a well-maintained building and surrounding area, plentiful parking, a kitchenette for herbal medicine creations, and our private restroom facilities.

Since I opened my business, your loyal support has helped me grow. I am excited to continue this journey with you and provide needed healing. Attached, you’ll find a flyer that you can use to educate others about Holistic Bodywork and Meridian Integrative Wellness services. Would you consider passing it along to someone who may be in need of wellness support during this challenging time? You may also find more information by visiting our websites at www.theholisticbodywork.com & www.meridianiw.com.

If you have any questions about the new location or our services, please call or email us; we’d be happy to help.

What Meridian Integrative Wellness offers:

MIW is a team of highly qualified, multidisciplinary wellness practitioners on a mission to improve your health and well-being through one-on-one partnership and community learning. We serve as your bridge between information and transformation; information being the easy part (recommendations you receive from your health care providers, things you know you should be doing but don’t) and transformation being the hard part (figuring out how to actually implement healthy changes into your real life).

You’ve come to the right place if you want to get back into the driver’s seat of your own life, health and well-being.  We offer coaching (learning to quit self-defeating habits and creating new, healthier behaviors), counseling, biofeedback, as well as essential oils to address an array of wellness concerns.

New Office Location:

Below you will find the address and a map of my new location within Meridian Integrative Wellness!

Our new offices are conveniently located at 6006 Brownsboro Park Blvd., Suite B.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Let’s continue to heal together.

Erica Ware LMT CST. Founder of Holistic Bodywork

How I Use Intuitive Healing

Learn how I use intuitive healing during sessions

I receive many questions about how I perform my sessions. People ask, “How do you know exactly where to go?” and “You know where to go before I explain my pain. How?” So, I’ve decided to share my style of work, and it’s called intuitive healing with energy work. I believe every healer uses some degree of intuition & energy.

Before I dive into that, here’s a short backstory of myself. If you’ve read the “Words from the Owner” on my Home page or the “About Me” on the Meet Erica page, then you know I’ve struggled with pain, anxiety, trauma, and depression. I also had a questionable diet that added pain to my body. On top of that, doctors told me I would have to deal with the pain or take a pill. I was discouraged, and my anxiety skyrocketed. 

At the age of seventeen, I began meditating, and this was when I had a formal introduction to my intuition. I’ve experienced my intuition at work many times before starting meditation, but I understood it and came into it after some inner work. What do I mean when I say “coming into my intuition”? Well, for example, I would experience cold feet, painful low back, or maybe tinnitus. I would close my eyes and feel a powerful pull to a specific point in my body, and I would massage it throughout the day for a few days. I then noticed my symptoms subsided, either entirely or close to it. This intuition also extended into herbal medicine. 

That intuitiveness I use to heal myself is the intuitiveness I use to help heal my clients and guide my clients to healing themselves. So, I feel the energy in my clients, and therefore I know where to go. In Craniosacral Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy cysts or stagnated qi (energy) is collected in the body. This stagnation brings pain that is created by physical trauma, emotional & mental stress. This stagnated energy and energy cyst is what I usually feel in my clients. I see where it is, and I feel how deep it is; therefore, I go straight to it, and I work to release that area. After working in that area, I speak with my client about my findings to spark the beginning of self-healing, not just physically but emotionally & mentally.

My goal is to help people see the light in themselves the way I see it in myself. That light is what allowed me to heal and continue to heal, and one thing that light is called is self-power. 

With me, everything is on the table and I plan to be transparent from here on out – I feel we need more of that in this world. My intuition & energy work, combined with studying TCM theory, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and herbal medicine, allows me to do my job well. Thank you for trusting me and granting me the opportunity to walk with you on your path of healing!

Let’s continue to heal together

Erica Ware owner of Holistic Bodywork

Journey of a New Self

The one who starts the journey isn’t the one who finishes it – Sarah Elkhaldy.

When I am in the middle of a journey, and I’m sure this happens for many others, I notice I am not the person I was when I first began.  What does that mean? 

I remember desperately searching for someone to help me with several conditions I dealt with physically – restless leg syndrome, fatigue, painful muscles, etc.  Others continuously told me what to feel, I was told I didn’t know my body, and that a pill was the only fix for my pain. I felt my self-power disappearing, and it began creating stagnation for me emotionally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally – this on top of the trauma that existed. After an insightful dream, I sought out Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy, and that is when my search began for self-power and self-healing.

I realized my physical pain furthered my emotional and spiritual pain, and vice versa. However, there is a balance within everything we do, so I knew this also meant that if I work on my trauma, I will begin to heal physically and vice versa.  With this knowledge and taking action, I discovered self-power. I started this healing journey timidly, fearful, and the thought I was frail – I am now healthy, powerful, and courageously myself. 

So, you see, the one who starts the journey isn’t the one who finishes it. You grieve the loss of the old self and celebrate the birth of the person you are – you begin to live life as you are. 

How the heck does this connect to bodywork?

I tell my clients often that beginning the journey of bodywork will not only lead to your body physically opening up, but it will lead to you opening mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When you experience a trigger, it is often felt physically. The body stores the trigger’s reaction – this is one reason many people experience an array of emotions during the session, which is normal. Your body is trying to release the physical pain from trauma and experiences while also removing the emotional and mental attachments that keep the body in pain. When this happens, we are encouraged to ask ourselves tough “why” questions and explore the answers to those questions. We begin to heal that pain within us.

Let’s continue to heal together,

Erica Ware founder of Holistic Bodywork

Achieving Health with Balance

Photo by Joe Flobrant

We’re all told, “Balance is important,” and that it is something we should be doing. But what does that mean exactly, and how can we apply it to better ourselves physically?

Balance – this is one thing in life that many of us overlook quite easily. Yet, balance is an essential part of life, a necessity for a healthy life. What does it mean to have balance, especially physically? Well, some think it means to have an equal amount of specific things – for example, rest and movement, stretching and strengthening, stretching and resting. I believe balance is different for us all, for we are all ourselves and no one else like us. No one’s body is the same. While I may need more stretching in an area, someone else may need strengthening. Balance is working to keep continuous harmony – this means paying attention to the things that are out of balance instead of adding equal amounts to both. If my body is tight, more so on the right side, I will not stretch both sides equally because this will bring zero change. 

Let’s think about low back pain that is brought on by leaning to one side. If I lean more to my left side, I probably need to correct it by going to my right side.

Think of balance in your emotions – if my spirit sees more of the shadow side of life, I do not need equal light and shadow. Depending on where I am, I will need more light to achieve balance.  Let’s apply this lesson to our mental health. A journal by Noakes (2012) explains how fatigue is a brain-derived emotion to protect the body from over exhaustion and keep balance.  So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, and you begin shutting down, listen to it and rest. 

This lesson also helped me understand the injustice and racial problems today – paying attention to the things that are out of balance instead of adding equal attention. If we play neutral and give attention to everything equally right now, there will be zero change. Right now, this is out of balance, and it is what needs more attention now. But that’s for another conversation.

Stay safe and let’s continue to heal together!

Erica Ware – Founder and Owner of Holistic Bodywork

Self Massage Technique for Upper Back

That familiar band of tightness between the shoulder blades – Oh, does it visit you as well? Let’s talk about it.

Have you ever gone walking, and your sock decides to abandon your ankle to snuggle your toes? It becomes annoying, right?  That is how I feel about that nagging discomfort (sometimes pain) between the shoulder blades.

I have many people that reach out to me about the “pain between the shoulder blades” and how it becomes so annoying that it is the only thing that keeps their focus – this is a critical time to listen to the body.  The body will send whispers to let you know something is wrong, and we want to pay attention to those whispers before they become screams.

Yeah, okay, that sounds great, but how do you do that? Well, let’s pay attention to our actions before or during the pain.  The Rhomboids are, most of the time, the culprit of this pain. Now many people believe these muscles are always tight, but sometimes these muscles are in pain because they are overstretched. Yeah, I know it’s a bit of a mind flip.

Think about it, being hunched over at your work desk or maybe doing a puzzle, your shoulders caved in, and your back muscles are strained and overstretched. Discomfort can also come from muscles around the spine due to a lot of side bending (leaning). We all lean very often, and it is okay – you’re not lazy.  Your muscles are just tired and asking for a break.

Below is a video to help release the rhomboid muscles. Be sure to have a therapy ball or tennis ball on hand. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.


Let’s heal together,

Erica Ware LMT & Founder of Holistic Bodywork

Self Healing Techniques: Hips & Low Back

Do you experience low back pain that eventually travels to the hips, SI joint, and legs?

Low back discomfort can range from dull aches to sharp and nagging pain. This video (located below) provides self-healing techniques for your hips and low back. Another popular name for these massages and stretches is Lifesaver! If you have a therapy ball, it will come in handy with this video. You will learn a few massage techniques with the ball and helpful stretches.

I will speak on a vital back muscle called the QL – it performs side bending in the torso and hip elevation. Let’s think about our daily routine that requires QL actions.

I will use myself as an example:

My day consists of:
• Standing
• Physically assisting clients
• Driving
• Sitting
• Exercise
• Meditation

Other than assisting my clients, it seems like a pretty typical day that doesn’t include QL actions, right? Well, when you sit, how do you sit? Are you sitting on your wallet, or do you have your foot tucked under you? Are you leaning off to your left when you drive or meditate? How about when standing, what’s your favorite foot when leaning? The left foot is fantastic, but I’ll be honest, I am biased. The QL is also present to help stabilize the hip – we overwork and hike up that favored hip more than we know!

So, the next time you feel low back or hip pain, ask yourself, “Am I leaning?” Then make your way over to Holistic Bodywork’s blog and perform the stretches that work best for you.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or comments

Let’s heal together.

Erica Ware LMT & Founder of Holistic Bodywork

Reopening with Precautions

COVID-19 Guidelines

“Yes!” but also, “Um wait, is it safe?” – This is all of us right now after learning about Kentucky slowly reopening.

The state health department announced, on May 07, 2020, that Massage Therapists can reopen beginning May 25.  Reopening is exciting because I’m sure we are all looking to jump back into our bodywork regimen.  On my end, there has been pulled muscles, migraines, hip pain, and leg throbs – Yikes!  How about you?

            I would love to see all of your faces and begin helping you heal again!  I understand that many of you may be experiencing some apprehension around integrating into a New Normal.  Rest assured, Holistic Bodywork will strictly follow CDC guidelines.  Below, there is a list of guidelines for the therapist and clients as well.  As time goes on, this list is subject to change.


  •  COVID19 screening questions via phone days before the session
  • Client intake form completed online
  • The room and restroom is cleaned/sanitized before and after each client.  That includes all furniture, massage table, doorknobs, and floors.
  • Waiting area is closed
  • Therapist will meet client at door with hand sanitizer
  • Therapist will wear cloth mask throughout session
  • Therapist will wear gloves when massaging the face
  • Before and after session, therapist will wash hands up to elbow thoroughly
  • Used sheets are kept in a separate area and bagged.


  • If first time, client must complete intake form online
  • Client has COVID19 screening questions via phone
  • If you have COVID19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat) or have come in contact with someone who may have COVID19, please stay home and reschedule.
  • Waiting area is closed – client will have to wait in the car
  • When meeting the therapist at the door, client cleans hands with sanitizer
  • Client wears mask throughout session
  • Client puts clothes in one area of the room
  •  Contactless payment options: Client saves debit/credit card on file, payment applications, or via phone to eliminate transfer of objects
  • After session, client cleans hands with hand sanitizer

If you have any questions about the guidelines, please feel free to call, text, or email. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping yourself and others healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing you all!

Let’s heal, together.

Erica Ware – LMT & Founder of Holistic Bodywork

Raise Your Hand If

How often have you been told what you should do to keep yourself pain-free and healthy?

After hearing what you should do, it usually follows up with a question you have, “how do I successfully execute what these recommendations?” I have been here numerous times while also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information given.

Here’s the exciting news – that is the reason for this blog! You will not only learn how to stretch successfully, foam roll, etc. correctly, but here you can explore what feels right for you. Several stretching, and other healing variations, will be available for you to explore what feels right for you. After all, deep inside, we know what’s best for ourselves, right?

Videos of stretching & foam rolling techniques will also be available for you to watch and use as many times as you need. These videos will make it easier for you to keep up with your bodywork regimen.
Let’s heal together.

Erica Ware LMT & Owner of Holistic Bodywork