Sometimes We Keep Ourselves from Peace

We convince ourselves that, for some reason, we do not deserve happiness and we need to stay where we are a little, or long, while longer.

What keeps you stagnant?

Sometimes what keeps us from healing or experiencing happiness is ourselves – many don’t want to hear that. We convince ourselves that, for some reason, we do not deserve happiness and we need to stay where we are a little, or long, while longer. 

Some people, like myself, at one point, may realize they even understand what it takes to heal and create change, but they just will not do it. In those moments, I sit with myself and ask, “what keeps me where I am? What is the reason I refuse to move forward? How do I feel about doing the work to move forward and be happy?” I’ve discovered that we will give the answers when we are courageous enough to ask ourselves questions. 

The answers? Well, I cannot give your answers to you; only you can do that. I can share some answers I’ve experienced and heard.

Reasons we may not permit ourselves to be happy and live:

  • Guilt because of something you’ve done or didn’t do.
  • Accustomed to living in chaos. 
  • We’ve been taught to sacrifice our wants and needs for others. 
  • Fear of your light and power.
  • Fear of adversity.
  • Fear of facing ourselves.

So, what can help us out of stagnation? As I said above, sit with yourself and ask tough questions. Some people may feel frozen and numb and, because of that, find it difficult to speak with themselves and find answers. This is where I come in with craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing – these two therapies will help restore you and dissipate energetic, emotional, and physical blocks. When those blocks are released, it helps bring things to the surface or bring the shadows to the light. This may look like a release from pain, emotional release through crying or laughter, realizations, clarity, mental liberation, etc. 

For some, this may take time, depending on the person and their situation. If you feel these therapies are for you, I recommend arriving with little to no expectations. Just grant yourself the ability to receive what you are to experience. 

Your tired body, soul, and mind are waiting for your permission to rest, especially if there is no danger around every corner. There is no reason to live in fight or flight if you do not have to. Permit yourself to be happy and at peace – you deserve it, and now is the time to help yourself believe that.

Interested in a session with me? Book Here and ask me about Shamanic Healing .

Erica Ware LMT and Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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