Herbal Mission

Ingredient for sinus ease
Tailored Herbal Formulas

I have witnessed beautiful herbal formulas that quickly heals ailments. Sometimes, I notice the common herbal formula that helps one persons ailment will not completely help the another. I’ve come to understand that not everyone’s body is the same. Though we may describe the same ailment, we may experience it differently. This is one reason I work to understand an ailment in all its forms and provide an herb or formula to soothe it.

Ingredient for Chest Congestion
Handmade Formulas

All of the beautiful herbal formulas you see or receive are handmade by Erica Ware in the Holistic Bodywork shop. The goal is to skip the large factories and instead shop local for items needed to create the formulas and encourage small businesses. The energy of the formulas is terrific when they’re handmade.

Sinus Ease Tincture
Using Organic Herbs

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used with non-organic herbs. When this happens, our body can ingest those chemicals – this can create new problems in your body and reverse the therapeutic actions. That risk is why it is essential to use organic herbs only.

Protecting Our Planet

There are many plants and herbs on our planet facing extinction due to overharvesting and habitat destruction. Therefore, I am continuously learning alternative herbs and other healing routes to help lower the use of our endangered plants. We humans can quickly deplete our resources, which harms our earth. 

Do you purchase herbs? Below are two links, one for endangered herbs and the other for invasive herbs.

Healing the Planet

Protecting the planet is one of my many missions. Would you like to help protect your home?

One Tree Planted and all the wonderful good they have done. They are continuously doing this by planting a tree for every dollar that is donated.

Are You Purchasing Herbs?

Below are two links, one for endangered herbs and the other for invasive herbs. Take a look at both to lend a hand in protecting the endangered by simply using more invasive herbs!

Keeping it Local!

Many of the herbs I have in my formulas, or the products I use to care for plants and create my recipes, I purchase from the Louisville community. I encourage you to keep it local and explore what local shops have to offer!

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