How I Use Intuitive Healing

Learn how I use intuitive healing during sessions

I receive many questions about how I perform my sessions. People ask, “How do you know exactly where to go?” and “You know where to go before I explain my pain. How?” So, I’ve decided to share my style of work, and it’s called intuitive healing with energy work. I believe every healer uses some degree of intuition & energy.

Before I dive into that, here’s a short backstory of myself. If you’ve read the “Words from the Owner” on my Home page or the “About Me” on the Meet Erica page, then you know I’ve struggled with pain, anxiety, trauma, and depression. I also had a questionable diet that added pain to my body. On top of that, doctors told me I would have to deal with the pain or take a pill. I was discouraged, and my anxiety skyrocketed. 

At the age of seventeen, I began meditating, and this was when I had a formal introduction to my intuition. I’ve experienced my intuition at work many times before starting meditation, but I understood it and came into it after some inner work. What do I mean when I say “coming into my intuition”? Well, for example, I would experience cold feet, painful low back, or maybe tinnitus. I would close my eyes and feel a powerful pull to a specific point in my body, and I would massage it throughout the day for a few days. I then noticed my symptoms subsided, either entirely or close to it. This intuition also extended into herbal medicine. 

That intuitiveness I use to heal myself is the intuitiveness I use to help heal my clients and guide my clients to healing themselves. So, I feel the energy in my clients, and therefore I know where to go. In Craniosacral Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy cysts or stagnated qi (energy) is collected in the body. This stagnation brings pain that is created by physical trauma, emotional & mental stress. This stagnated energy and energy cyst is what I usually feel in my clients. I see where it is, and I feel how deep it is; therefore, I go straight to it, and I work to release that area. After working in that area, I speak with my client about my findings to spark the beginning of self-healing, not just physically but emotionally & mentally.

My goal is to help people see the light in themselves the way I see it in myself. That light is what allowed me to heal and continue to heal, and one thing that light is called is self-power. 

With me, everything is on the table and I plan to be transparent from here on out – I feel we need more of that in this world. My intuition & energy work, combined with studying TCM theory, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and herbal medicine, allows me to do my job well. Thank you for trusting me and granting me the opportunity to walk with you on your path of healing!

Let’s continue to heal together

Erica Ware owner of Holistic Bodywork

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