The Importance of Consistency on The Holistic Path

“While many focus on healing the symptoms, if not addressed, the root cause will continue to harm us in other ways.” Erica Ware

How many of us not only wait until we feel pain in our bodies to see our practitioners for bodywork, but we go in with all the hope in the world that it will “fix” the pain in one session? Don’t be shy; most of us do it, so go ahead and raise that hand if you do.

I remind my clients that bodywork is more of a holistic approach to healing and not one of big pharma where you take a pill for a quick or temporary fix. Understandably, we think this because, for so long, we’ve been taught that a prescription can quickly fix all of our ailments. We’re starting to understand that’s not very true, and we are experiencing the side effects of “quick fixes.”

What is the holistic approach? The holistic approach involves healing the whole body, mind, and spirit or healing you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Taking the holistic healing path means your symptoms are not the main focus. Instead, the goal is to understand and heal the root of the problem, thus healing the symptoms. The holistic approach can take time; depending on the person and conditions, it can take longer.

Think about the condition you currently have, how long you’ve been experiencing it, and how long it may have taken to develop. You may have been dealing with your condition for weeks, months, or years, so expecting to heal after one session becomes an unrealistic outlook. Consistent bodywork will open channels, or pathways, in our bodies and remind the body of how to function healthily. 

Think of it this way, here are the benefits of massage and craniosacral therapy:

  • Pain Relief
  • P.T.S.D
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Scoliosis
  • Ease MS
  • Improve Immune Function
  • T.M.J. Pain
  • Helps Insomnia
  • Mental & Emotions Stress Relief
  • Spiritual Clarity
  • Helps Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
  • & More

That is a list of great benefits. Now, think about how your mind, body, and soul would feel if you received those benefits consistently. We’ll notice things improving like our energy, alertness, immune system, mental health, muscle energy, etc. 

So, what is a consistent schedule for bodywork? You want to be sure the practitioner and bodywork you’re receiving are working for you. If you do not feel a connection with your practitioner, take notice of this – this may not be a good fit, and it can create problems on your healing path. I always recommend trying four sessions, at least three, so your body has real-time to respond to your sessions. This is why I offer a four-session package with an additional fifteen minutes to your session. Depending on your condition, you’ll want to have one session every week, two weeks, or every month. 

A huge goal of my practice is self-empowering. Get in tune with your body – you know what you need and when. You know what’s working for you and what’s not. If you feel better even a little bit, but the pain returns, your body is telling you, “Hey, this is working for me, but we also need to do this more consistently because the pain returns in five days.” If you know the pain returns in five days or a week, when should you have your next session scheduled?

Again, most wait until they feel the pain, but if you know, it returns in a week, set your appointment for five days from your last one. 

The goal is not for you to come in every week for the rest of your life; this is where you are right now. The goal is to remind the body of a healthier way to function so it can perform these actions without weekly help.

When we are patient and understanding of this route, and ourselves, we will begin to see and feel healing in ways we didn’t know were possible.

Interested in scheduling a session with me? Check out my services and four session packages to get started!

Erica Ware – Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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