Shadow Work During Winter Solstice

Grief, pain, and your shadows are inevitable, but during Winter the energy grows. Winter is the perfect time to use this energy as a helping hand to heal and understand our shadows.

The winter solstice was December 21st, and its energy lasts three days after and is often celebrated until the first of January.

Many of us have a hard time with winter because of its long nights and short days, its frigid cold temperatures, and its symbolism of death and letting go. If you think about it, these are things we tend to ignore and avoid.

Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and forces us to be in the dark and within our shadows. It encourages us to figure out how to create our light or understand that we are the light within the shadows – many times, burning yule logs enforce this.

This time is vital because, without the shadows, we wouldn’t appreciate the light and wouldn’t have transformation. Do you have a hard time with winter?

Winter solstice is a perfect time to transform your shadows into gold – an ideal time to be your light in the shadows. Ask yourself, “What does winter represent for me?” Some may say death, coldness, pain, or dormant. Ask yourself what your representation is and encourage yourself to go deep within yourself.

Winter represents death. When we hear “death,” we probably think of fear and danger mainly because we only think of the end of the physical body. After understanding where my hate of death came from (fear of change, the unknown, and trusting myself), I saw that death brings new beginnings, and avoiding it only keeps me stagnant and in pain.

To me, death is the end of cycles that no longer fit in my life; death means making room for new energy, and it means new beginnings.

What does winter represent to you, and how can you explore yourself to turn these shadows into gold and light?

Traditions of the Winter Solstice:

  • Have a fire to create a symbol of light
  • Journal and list the things you’d like to let go of – burn the list.
  • List things you’d like to heal within yourself – burn the list.
  • After the solstice, the days get longer. Invite in the light by creating a list of energy you’d like to bring in or build on. Keep this list and place it somewhere safe.
  • Have a feast.
  • Light candles and incense, sit and meditate, or just Be.

EricaChinise – Owner & Healer of Holistic Bodywork

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