“Negative” Emotions are Healthy to Experience

The energy becomes negative once we begin to dwell or block these emotions – this is called stagnation. It is human to experience every emotion and feeling that flows through us. I work with you to release this energy and stress by way of massage, craniosacral, and herbal medicine. I’m so happy to be withContinue reading ““Negative” Emotions are Healthy to Experience”

Giving Matters – Healing the Community

Extending Energy to Heal Our Community – Opportunites for a Free Session I am a person rooted in empowerment, healing, and change. My goal is to share my energy and encourage healing within others through my offered services. I have pondered how I can help others and my community for so long. I provide healingContinue reading “Giving Matters – Healing the Community”

A New Home for Holistic Bodywork

With great excitement, I write to inform you that on May 1, 2021, Holistic Bodywork will reside in a more desirable location with comfortable surroundings. I will also be in partnership with Meridian Integrative Wellness in this new location! As mentioned when I reopened in May 2020, I am still taking precautions to keep theContinue reading “A New Home for Holistic Bodywork”

How I Use Intuitive Healing

Learn how I use intuitive healing during sessions I receive many questions about how I perform my sessions. People ask, “How do you know exactly where to go?” and “You know where to go before I explain my pain. How?” So, I’ve decided to share my style of work, and it’s called intuitive healing withContinue reading “How I Use Intuitive Healing”

Achieving Health with Balance

Photo by Joe Flobrant We’re all told, “Balance is important,” and that it is something we should be doing. But what does that mean exactly, and how can we apply it to better ourselves physically? Balance – this is one thing in life that many of us overlook quite easily. Yet, balance is an essentialContinue reading “Achieving Health with Balance”

Self Massage Technique for Upper Back

That familiar band of tightness between the shoulder blades – Oh, does it visit you as well? Let’s talk about it. Have you ever gone walking, and your sock decides to abandon your ankle to snuggle your toes? It becomes annoying, right?  That is how I feel about that nagging discomfort (sometimes pain) between theContinue reading “Self Massage Technique for Upper Back”

Self Healing Techniques: Hips & Low Back

Do you experience low back pain that eventually travels to the hips, SI joint, and legs? Low back discomfort can range from dull aches to sharp and nagging pain. This video (located below) provides self-healing techniques for your hips and low back. Another popular name for these massages and stretches is Lifesaver! If you haveContinue reading “Self Healing Techniques: Hips & Low Back”

Reopening with Precautions

COVID-19 Guidelines “Yes!” but also, “Um wait, is it safe?” – This is all of us right now after learning about Kentucky slowly reopening. The state health department announced, on May 07, 2020, that Massage Therapists can reopen beginning May 25.  Reopening is exciting because I’m sure we are all looking to jump back intoContinue reading “Reopening with Precautions”