Social Media? No Thanks, I’m Good!

It all started with excitement, curiosity, and new experiences. You introduced me to new friends and re-introduced me to people I had not heard from in so long. You were sure to tell me how beautiful and wise I was. When I was out of the loop, you updated me on recent “what haps.” The experience you gifted me was like no other.

Things, however, quickly changed. I began longing for your attention to tell me how beautiful and wanted I am. You introduced me to all of your mental and emotional abuse. Then you began keeping me from seeing friends and family or keeping them from seeing me. You instead began filling my mind with poison.

This sounds like a toxic relationship, right? Well, it was a relationship, but not with a person – this is with social media.

I’ve officially decided to leave social media for good. Wow – that feels good to type out. I don’t know about you all, or I may have an idea, but the addiction to social media is Real. This addiction creates mental & emotional stress and, we’ve seen, physical harm. Social media, in the beginning, was great for me. However, I began to realize how dependent on it I was. Dependent, yes. I’d wake up and check my news feed to get my daily dose of anger, stress, some funnies, and sadness from all of the other accounts experiencing the silent stress like me. I check my notifications so they’ll tell me how wonderful of a life I live and how I’m doing such a great job. Social media wasn’t something I did only in the morning; it was ALL DAY.

I decided to take many breaks from social media throughout the years, and it felt like something was being ripped from me – I missed the scrolling. I couldn’t make it a day without someone telling me, “that’s fire.” But here I am today, and I haven’t been on social media in a week, and it feels right. The difference? Honestly, I did some self-work and understood I don’t need to be told I’m wanted or beautiful because I’ve always been those things – it just took me some time to understand that. I also got tired of trying to be convinced that I should hate other people and that I should become distracted from my life’s work.

What happens when you realize you don’t need that from anyone else because you are it for yourself? You kick everyone else out from where they shouldn’t be, which is in your mind, body, and soul. When you do that, hell, you begin living for yourself, not the “That’s fire” comments on social media.

Now, in no way, shape, or form am I saying, “If you’re on social media, you’re doing it for the reasons listed above.” No, that is my experience. I, however, have spoken to many people with similar experiences.

I used to convince myself that I needed social media for work, to stay updated on the world, and to get my spiritual word out. The truth is, it was just an excuse for me to stay. No more.

So, here I am writing to you through my blog to get my word out while reading Google’s updated news for the day – all without social media.

Erica Ware – Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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