Giving Matters – Healing the Community

Extending Energy to Heal Our Community – Opportunites for a Free Session

I am a person rooted in empowerment, healing, and change. My goal is to share my energy and encourage healing within others through my offered services. I have pondered how I can help others and my community for so long. I provide healing sessions and products, but I realize many of those are not accessible for everyone. With “Giving Matters,” I plan to extend my energy to help heal the community.

I believe understanding the importance of caring for each other is one of the critical missions in life. We can only help others if we have first helped ourselves. I plan to help others help themselves and hope they will help the next person.

It is beautiful to take care of each other just “because” and with no ulterior motives.

Giving matters is a program that presents more opportunities for people who do not have access to healing support. Every new season (equinox or solstice), one person from the Louisville community will enjoy a free session, and two other people will be chosen to enjoy an herbal product.

People who nominate someone will create an entry of one or two paragraphs about the nominee and why they should have the service or products.

The person chosen for the service, and the other two persons selected for the products, will be announced the day of the coming solstice or equinox. To begin your entry and to read more about the program, please visit the Giving Matters page.

This is only the beginning, and I hope you all join me on this path.

Let’s heal together,

Erica Ware – Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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