Journey of a New Self

The one who starts the journey isn’t the one who finishes it – Sarah Elkhaldy.

When I am in the middle of a journey, and I’m sure this happens for many others, I notice I am not the person I was when I first began.  What does that mean? 

I remember desperately searching for someone to help me with several conditions I dealt with physically – restless leg syndrome, fatigue, painful muscles, etc.  Others continuously told me what to feel, I was told I didn’t know my body, and that a pill was the only fix for my pain. I felt my self-power disappearing, and it began creating stagnation for me emotionally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally – this on top of the trauma that existed. After an insightful dream, I sought out Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy, and that is when my search began for self-power and self-healing.

I realized my physical pain furthered my emotional and spiritual pain, and vice versa. However, there is a balance within everything we do, so I knew this also meant that if I work on my trauma, I will begin to heal physically and vice versa.  With this knowledge and taking action, I discovered self-power. I started this healing journey timidly, fearful, and the thought I was frail – I am now healthy, powerful, and courageously myself. 

So, you see, the one who starts the journey isn’t the one who finishes it. You grieve the loss of the old self and celebrate the birth of the person you are – you begin to live life as you are. 

How the heck does this connect to bodywork?

I tell my clients often that beginning the journey of bodywork will not only lead to your body physically opening up, but it will lead to you opening mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When you experience a trigger, it is often felt physically. The body stores the trigger’s reaction – this is one reason many people experience an array of emotions during the session, which is normal. Your body is trying to release the physical pain from trauma and experiences while also removing the emotional and mental attachments that keep the body in pain. When this happens, we are encouraged to ask ourselves tough “why” questions and explore the answers to those questions. We begin to heal that pain within us.

Let’s continue to heal together,

Erica Ware founder of Holistic Bodywork

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