Giving Matters

I am a person rooted in empowerment, healing, and change. My goal is to share my energy and encourage healing within others through my offered services. I realize many of my services are not accessible to everyone. With “Giving Matters”, I plan to extend my energy to help heal the community.

“Giving Matters” is a program that presents more opportunities for people who do not have access to healing support. Every new season (equinox or solstice), one person from the Louisville community will enjoy a free session, and two other people will be chosen to enjoy an herbal product.

The Goal:

  • Impact change.
  • Opportunities for more people to receive healing services
  • When people reclaim their health and their joy, the positive impact ripples through families, schools and workplaces alike. I’m excited to be part of the positive change our community needs.
  • I am a person who loves taking care of others – I hope to encourage others to do the same.

How Does it Work?

  • Two weeks before the upcoming solstice or equinox, an announcement will be made about the opportunity for a complimentary session to a group of people within our community (Healthcare workers, Local business owners, People of color, bar/restaurant employees, etc.)
  • Someone who knows you will nominate you or you can nominate someone else – You cannot nominate yourself.
  • The lovely person you nonimate, or who nominates you, will explain why the session or product should be yours/theirs in a paragraph or two. Include the nominated person’s contact information (Phone & Email).
  • You can submit your entry down below.
  • One chosen person will receive the free session, and the two other persons will receive products – This will be announced the day of the coming solstice or equinox.

We all deserve chances to heal, become empowered, and experience positive change. I believe taking care of one another is one of the missions that will bring beauty to life.

Let’s heal together,

Erica Ware, Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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