Self Healing Techniques: Hips & Low Back

Do you experience low back pain that eventually travels to the hips, SI joint, and legs?

Low back discomfort can range from dull aches to sharp and nagging pain. This video (located below) provides self-healing techniques for your hips and low back. Another popular name for these massages and stretches is Lifesaver! If you have a therapy ball, it will come in handy with this video. You will learn a few massage techniques with the ball and helpful stretches.

I will speak on a vital back muscle called the QL – it performs side bending in the torso and hip elevation. Let’s think about our daily routine that requires QL actions.

I will use myself as an example:

My day consists of:
• Standing
• Physically assisting clients
• Driving
• Sitting
• Exercise
• Meditation

Other than assisting my clients, it seems like a pretty typical day that doesn’t include QL actions, right? Well, when you sit, how do you sit? Are you sitting on your wallet, or do you have your foot tucked under you? Are you leaning off to your left when you drive or meditate? How about when standing, what’s your favorite foot when leaning? The left foot is fantastic, but I’ll be honest, I am biased. The QL is also present to help stabilize the hip – we overwork and hike up that favored hip more than we know!

So, the next time you feel low back or hip pain, ask yourself, “Am I leaning?” Then make your way over to Holistic Bodywork’s blog and perform the stretches that work best for you.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or comments

Let’s heal together.

Erica Ware LMT & Founder of Holistic Bodywork

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