Raise Your Hand If

How often have you been told what you should do to keep yourself pain-free and healthy?

After hearing what you should do, it usually follows up with a question you have, “how do I successfully execute what these recommendations?” I have been here numerous times while also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information given.

Here’s the exciting news – that is the reason for this blog! You will not only learn how to stretch successfully, foam roll, etc. correctly, but here you can explore what feels right for you. Several stretching, and other healing variations, will be available for you to explore what feels right for you. After all, deep inside, we know what’s best for ourselves, right?

Videos of stretching & foam rolling techniques will also be available for you to watch and use as many times as you need. These videos will make it easier for you to keep up with your bodywork regimen.
Let’s heal together.

Erica Ware LMT & Owner of Holistic Bodywork

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